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My Services

My services provide you with:

  • A Relaxed Meeting to Discuss All Your Wedding Requirements;
  • Advice on Locations and Wedding Professionals;
  • Legal Requirements;
  • Research on Ceremony Elements as needed.
  • Complete Choice of Your Ceremony Including “Word for Word Approval” of the Ceremony Script;
  • Unlimited E-mail and Telephone Consultations;
  • An Onsite Rehearsal;
  • And I will be glad to work together with your Wedding Consultant, Photographer and Music Specialist.

My Fees

Everybody loves a bargain! The cheapest price is the deciding factor when there is a simple product involved -- with no difference in value between one and another. However, each officiant and the services he/she offers is different.

My fees are reflective of the time, energy, care and heart-felt sincerity I give to researching, writing, designing and delivering each and every ceremony. As a Ceremony expert, I offer a premium service. If you believe your wedding ceremony should be delivered with the utmost professionalism and reflect the great expectations and intense emotions that characterize the love you share, you will recognize that the ceremony we craft will be of the highest quality and, ultimately, a great value -- a ceremony that lasts a lifetime. 

I have various packages including many combinations of services. Since we haven't yet met, I don't know exactly what you are looking for and you don't know what I can offer you and your guests. More importantly you may not even realize what is availabe to you by choosing a Celebrant Ceremony. It would be of no service to you or me to quote a fee until you are clear of the value I promise you will receive for that fee, and we are both very clear that I am the perfect person to officiate your most special event. I would be honored to set up a complimentary consultation to have that conversation with you.

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